Attention of Sheikh/Pir

The spiritual resolve of the Pir/sheikh when starts reflecting on the heart/mindof his devotees/murid, then take place an inner transformation into mind’s recesses of the murid. By this the Sheikh transmits his inspiration to the heart of the murid. This is a power, spiritual power, and called tassarraf/power in sufi language.

Proof of focus/tawwajjo from quran/hadith

It was the focus of his spiritual power that reformed the children of Hazrat Yaqub (A.S).

(for understanding, please see Verse 9 of Surah Yusaf).

Translation: Your father’s focus/tawwajjo would be towards you, and after that you will become good doers. Here the Arabic word Saliheen denotes both worlds temporal and spiritual ones.


Remember, when your Rabb commanded the angels, that “I, Allah, am with you”; so keep the faithful steadfast, raise their resolve: the only means of raising the resolve and keeping the faithful steadfast was to empower hearts of theirs so that they could face the non-believers and stand the ground. This process can also be called as one of the types of Focus/Tawwajjo.

Similarly of the first Revelation the clasping of the Holy Prophet (SLM) by Angel Jibreel (A.S) proves spiritual power of Focus and Resolve, as the Holy Prophet (SLM) says: (See Bukhari Sharif page 2 vol 1)

Aalah Hazrat Pir Aulia Badshah Farooq

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    Created by Readiris, Copyright IRIS 2007