Inspirational initiation

The initiator is initiated by giving him/her the lesson of Ism-e-Zaat (after Kalima-e-Istaghfar repentance) meaning Allah. The pure word of Allah is the God’s Personal name, while all others are his attributes denoting one or the other functional quality. The initiator is called upon to inhale his/her Breathe with ALLAH and exhale his/her Breath with HOO- when combined both mean ALLAH HOO. By gradual practice this becomes a routine with the devotees depending on his/her spiritual commitmenet. AllaamaTawwakali says the color of the Latifa-e- Qalb/sensitivity of Heart is Yellowish Lght. And it is inder the foot of Hazrat Adam (AS), father of the humankind. All human beings are the sons/daughters of Hazrat Adam (AS). This is the unassaible original unity of the humanity. All human beings are the Unassaible original unity of the humanity. All human beings are the product of semen of Hazrat Adam (AS) therefore in matters of social treatment or mistreatment the deer either pleases or displeases the heart of father of humanity Hazrat Adam (AS). Humans are supreme creation among the uncountable creations-some live on earth, somein water, some in te air and ( some even in the fire as winters of the east call this creature”samand” but best among them all is human who has been endowed with a universe of qualities.

“ God says in the holy Quran that ‘ WalaqadKarammaBaniAdama’-meaning I have created human beings fortunate ones; again in another verse God says, WalaqadKhaleqnalInsaana Fi AhsaneTaqweem, meaning I have created human beings in perfect form, and yet in another verse the creator says: I breathed from My Own Self into humans, all these verses of holy Quran unite human beings in honor, Dignity, fortune, creation.

The point is that on such core parts of humanity the scholarly eyes escape this mutually binding view. Only disputatious declamations are preferred to demonstrate personal egoistic knowledge. This is the first reason that in the idiom of scholars there is left no light or attraction for today’s youth of any society. The leviathan of way wardens can be caught once scholars concentrate their way of talk, mode of speech and way of guidance on these holy curses of the Holy Quran. The verses convince even the deadliest of the opponents.

Religions are meant to reform, and not to de-form human minds and their psyche. There should be parent’s societies. It is not enough to produce children and have them unattended. The technologically developed world is “conquering” the non-technological nations/states. Vehicles have started running over the surfaces of the mars and moons, but here our own earthly yards are full of filths; the educated ones are quarreling with one another; no one gives the call to focus on future.

Aalah Hazrat Pir Aulia Badshah Farooq

    Created by Readiris, Copyright IRIS 2007


    Created by Readiris, Copyright IRIS 2007