Hazrat Khwaja Mohammad Qasim Sadiq (R.A)


Generations back the forefathers of the Hazrat khuwaja migrated from iran in the pursuit of dissemination of Islamic knowledge and settled down near Rawalpindi.

The forefathers of the Hazrat khuwaja belonged to the ruling kayani dynasty of Iran who had widespread political and governmental influence at that time. They could also stay as priviledged members of the ruling class like other kith and kins but the ancestors of the Hazrat khwaja chose the way of ALLAH at the expense of saying farewell to ancestral hearth and home.

His nobleness Hazrat Khwaja Mohammad QasimSadiq (R.A) was born in the year 1263 Hijri. His childhood is characterized by pleasant nature, tolerance, power of intellect, impressive insight, commanding looks, tall, handsome and princely personality with all the winsome manners. His way of conversation was always in low but confidence-inspiring tone. He talked in commandingly loveable manner, befitting the grandeur of a Sassanid Iranian Prince.



He acquired his elementary education at home according to the Muslim traditions. From the very childhood he had established his inquisitive brilliance of mind and thought.

For high studies in Islamic jurisprudence and Sharia he underwent long journey to various centers of Islamic learning at that time.

At an early age of twenty he had completed his education in various disciplines. After attainments, he devoted himself to prayers and preaching the message of Islam. Soon he became famous as dozens of spiritualists and truth-seekers would sit around him and would listen to his preaching’s. The light thus started spreading far and wide. His name became known as household name both near and far. This was the glory and fame he achieved on the formal side of his education. But yet a greater and lasting fame was awaiting him. And that was his spiritual height he achieved during his life-time.

Spiritual enhancement

His nobleness HazratKhuwaja Mohammad QasimSadiq (R.A) undertook on foot journey and received spiritual inspiration from his Murshid (Guide) His Nobleness HazratKhuwajaNizamuddinKayyanvy (R.A), a famous Saint of Kashmir. The Murshid acquainted his disciple with all the stages of spiritualism at a single glance. After a short time Khwaja Mohammad QasimSadiq (R.A) was granted Khilafat and asked by his Murshid to take his sojourn at Mohra Sharif Murree. At the time this place was not as it looks todays today. It was the den of savage wildlife like leopards, lions, etc

The Khwaja according to the advice of his Murshid undertook a 40-day spiritual ordeal (chillah). The stone slab on which the Khwaja sat for 40 days (day-and-night) is preserved even today as a relic at Mohra Sharif Darbar.

Who knew at that time that Fortune was working silently to bring brilliance and world-wide fame to Mohra Sharif The place also became a permanent abode of the Khwaja afterwards. It was here that he spent the rest of his life. Millions of devotes assemble every year at this Center to pay homage to the auspicious soul of his highness the Khwaja of the east, HazratPir Muhammad QasimSadiq (R.A).


Apart from offering obligatory five times a day prayers the khwaja would offer one thousand “nowafil” (optional prayers) each night besides other routine prayers. It was his usual practice to hold preaching court (darbar) to impart spiritual education to the devotees. Special stress was laid on faith fortification and on instilling the lesson of Tauheed (Oneness of Allah).

The chief characteristic of his devotion to prayers was that he did not abandon even for a single time offering of prayers even when physically indisposed. When he entered 95th year of his life he fell ill. At his bedside he called his son, then sitting sajjadaNasheen, his Glory AalaHazatPir Mohammad Zahid Khan Sahib, who had already attained spiritual heights, and conferred “khilafat” on him: Pir Khan Sahib

Last advice

About two weeks before his breathing last, whilein “isha” prayers, he summoned members of his family and “khulfa” to advise them to remain very kind, generous, helpful and guiding to everyone who comes to them. His room should be brooked for prejudice. Envy, bias, etc.” at the conclusion of his precious advice Hazrat Baba Ji Sahib Took off his Daster (Turban) and conferred on his Glory AalaHazratPir Mohammad Zahid Khan Sahib who is popularly known as Pir Khan Sahib Ghareeb Nawaz, (Pro-poor)


The order of sainthood preached by the khwaja and continued by his son then sitting SajjadaNasheen His Glory AalaHazratKhwajaPir Khan Sahib is Naqshbandi, MujadidiandQasmia, Zahidia, Farooqia Millions of persons have enterd this Qasmia Order which is progressing day byday. The annual urs of the Saint is celebrated inUK also.

His Nobleness Khwaja Mohammad QasimSadiq (R.A) passed away on November 20, 1943, leaving behind millions of disciples and devotees to mourn him. His funeral prayers were offered three times on the day of his demise due to ever swelling number of devotees attending his funeral.

HazratKhwaja’s grandsons are HazratKhwajaPirAftab Ahmed QasimiSibghatullah, HazratKhwajaPirKeumrusBadshah and HazratKhwajaAllamaPirAuliaBadshah Farooq

Aalah Hazrat Pir Aulia Badshah Farooq

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    Created by Readiris, Copyright IRIS 2007